immunarch 0.3.2

Remove MonetDBLite from dependencies because it got removed from CRAN.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug in MiXCR parser.

immunarch 0.3.1


  • Boxplots and barplots are now support statistical tests via the .test argument.

  • Add parsers for old VDJtools formats.


  • Update docs and vignettes with statistical tests information.

  • Add a note for list names to vignettes.

  • Documentation for clustering.

  • Documentation for dimension reduction.

  • Minor fix for repOverlap documentation.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a grouping bug in visualisations.

  • Fix statistical tests from ggpubr.

  • Fix for geneUsage with .type="family".

immunarch 0.3.0


  • fixVis now supports the following legends: size, shape, color, fill, linetype.

  • fixVis can plot figures to R console / RStudio “Plots” tab.

  • fixVis now supports the number of columns in legends.

  • Support for the AIRR file format.

  • Experimental support for the 10xGenomics format.

  • Save and load immunarch format via repSave and repLoad.

  • Save and load VDJtools format via repSave and repLoad.

Bug fixes

  • .a and .b didn’t passed to Tversky index.

  • fixVis - fix a bug when users apply X/Y settings to the other axis.