Visualise matrices with the functions based on the heatmap3 package with minimum amount of arguments.

  .grid.size = 1.5,
  .title = NULL,
  .labs = NULL,
  col = colorRampPalette(c("#67001f", "#d6604d", "#f7f7f7", "#4393c3", "#053061"))(1024),



Input matrix. Column names and row names (if presented) will be used as names for labs.


Line width of the grid between cells.


The text for the plot's title (same as the "main" argument in heatmap3).


A character vector of length two with names for x-axis and y-axis, respectively.


A vector specifying the colors (same as the "col" argument in heatmap3).


Other arguments for the heatmap3 function.

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