Plot sequence logo plots for visualising of amino acid motif sequences / profiles.

`vis_textlogo` plots sequences in a text format - each letter has the same height. Useful when there are no big differences between occurences of amino acids in the motif.

`vis_seqlogo` is a traditional sequence logo plots. Useful when there are one or two amino acids with clear differences in their occurrences.

vis_textlogo(.data, = TRUE, .width = 0.1, ...)

vis_seqlogo(.data, .scheme = "chemistry", ...)



Output from the kmer.profile function.

if TRUE then replace all zeros with NAs, therefore letters with zero frequency wont appear at the plot.


Width for jitter, i.e., how much points will scatter around the verical line. Pass 0 (zero) to plot points on the straight vertical line for each position.


Not used here.


Character. An argumentt passed to geom_logo specifying how to colour symbols.


A ggplot2 object.

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kmers <- getKmers(immdata$data[[1]], 5)
ppm <- kmer_profile(kmers, "prob")
vis(ppm, .plot = "text")
#> Warning: ggrepel: 20 unlabeled data points (too many overlaps). Consider increasing max.overlaps

vis(ppm, .plot = "seq")

d <- kmer_profile(c("CASLL", "CASSQ", "CASGL"))
#> Warning: Removed 92 rows containing missing values (geom_point).
#> Warning: Removed 92 rows containing missing values (geom_label_repel).