Public repertoire visualisation

# S3 method for immunr_public_repertoire
vis(.data, .plot = c("freq", "clonotypes"), ...)



Public repertoire, an output from pubRep.


A string specifying the plot type:

- "freq" for visualisation of the distribution of occurrences of clonotypes and their frequencies using vis_public_frequencies.

- "clonotypes" for visualisation of public clonotype frequenciy correlations between pairs of samples using vis_public_clonotypes


Further arguments passed vis_public_frequencies or vis_public_clonotypes, depending on the ".plot" argument.


if (FALSE) { pr = pubRep(immdata$data) vis(pr, "freq") vis(pr, "freq", .type="boxplot") vis(pr, "freq", .type="none") vis(pr, "freq", .type="mean") vis(pr, "freq", .by = "Status", .meta=immdata$meta) vis(pr, "clonotypes", 1, 2) }