Visualisation of the results of hierarchical clustering. For other clustering visualisations see vis.immunr_kmeans.

# S3 method for immunr_hclust
vis(.data, .rect = FALSE, .plot = c("clust", "best"), ...)



Clustering results from repOverlapAnalysis or geneUsageAnalysis.


Passed to fviz_dend - whether to add a rectangle around groups.


A character vector of length one or two specifying which plots to visualise. If "clust" then plot only the clustering. If "best" then plot the number of optimal clusters. If both then plot both.


Not used here.


Ggplot2 objects inside the patchwork container.


ov <- repOverlap(immdata$data)
repOverlapAnalysis(ov, "mds+hclust") %>% vis()