Visualise matrices with overlap values or gene usage distances among samples. For details see links below.

# S3 method for immunr_ov_matrix
vis(.data, .plot = c("heatmap", "heatmap2", "circos", "radar"), ...)



Output from repOverlap or geneUsageAnalysis.


A string specifying the plot type:

- "heatmap" for heatmaps using vis_heatmap;

- "heatmap2" for heatmaps using vis_heatmap2;

- "circos" for circos plots using vis_circos;

- "radar" for polar area plots using vis_radar.


Other arguments are passed through to the underlying plotting function:

- "heatmap" - passes arguments to vis_heatmap;

- "heatmap2" - passes arguments to vis_heatmap2 and heatmap from the "heatmap3" package;

- "circos" - passes arguments to vis_circos and chordDiagram from the "circlize" package;

- "radar"- passes arguments to vis_radar.